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How do I book?

WEDDING: Typically booked 12-16 months in advance. The longer you wait to book, the quicker someone else can fill the date! A retainer payment and contract signature are required to secure your date.

NON-WEDDING: Can be booked short notice- a retainer and signed agreement are required to secure your time.

What if I haven’t confirmed the # of people for my wedding?

If there are people undecided, please leave them out of the headcount as services cannot be reduced after your service agreement is signed. If I’m able to accommodate additional services, we will try our best to work them in!

My bridal party is paying for their own services, do you accept multiple payments?

The individual booking is responsible for paying the balance in full. If your party is planning on paying for their own makeup, please have them pay you privately!

Do you offer discounts?

My pricing factors in my experience and knowledge, kit supplies, products, and behind the scenes work. No discounts are offered and pricing is firm.


What if I don’t know which package to choose?

If you’re unsure of what service to book, feel free to send an inquiry form and I’m happy to discuss and find the best fit for your needs! All services include unlimited access to me via email.

Can I book a trial before committing?

You are more than welcome to book a trial before officially booking with me, however please note your date is not secure until a service agreement and retainer are completed.

Where are trials held, and can anyone get one?

Trials are held at my home studio (address provided once appointment is finalized), or I can travel to you!

Sure, I’m happy to provide trials for anyone who wants to preview their look for day of. Please note the cost is a flat fee due to consultation and follow-up.

Is my trial a separate cost?

When you book your wedding, a $150 retainer is required- this amount secures your trial. If you waive your trial, the $150 will still be collected as a non-refundable retainer.


What happens if you get sick and can’t make it to my wedding?

If I’m unable to make it to your wedding, I try my absolute best to find a trusted replacement as soon as possible. There’s more information on this in the service agreement!

Can we get ready in the bridal suite at the venue?

Services can be provided at any location of your choice, however please reach out to your venue to confirm when they open their bridal suite! Many are not available until late morning which can impact completion of services.

Do we need to bring our own products?

No way! Your service fee includes all products.

For safety, the only personal product I will incorporate in services are lip color (so you can reapply).

How should we prepare?

I’ll send you guidance as your big day approaches!

All makeup removed and face freshly cleansed, ensure that whatever you are wearing can be easily removed so your makeup look is not disturbed, and come with inspo photos!


Do you offer airbrush?

I do! I offer a few different formulas for an added fee.

Do you offer individual lashes?

I provide strip lashes with every service if desired- multiple styles are available. Individual lashes are available upon request for an additional cost.

Is it cheaper if I don’t get lashes?

I don’t think I want lashes, will that lower the cost?

There is no cost adjustment if lashes are not applied. But trust me, you’ll want them!

What if I have sensitive skin or allergies?

Please bring any sensitivities, allergies, or any specific product needs to my attention prior to your service starting- I will ensure all products are safe for each person!


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